Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lecture for Canadian Embroiders' Guild, London 45th anniversary celebration

In 2006 I went back to school for a degree in embroidery.  I went through OPUS, run by the well-known Julia Caprara, and completed that degree from Middlesex in 2012.  This is my graduate piece, 100 inches square made from wool –silk blend fabric that I dyed with local plants and hand stitched.

Even though I now hold a university degree in embroidery, I feel as if I’m self-taught.  So much of what I do, I just figure it out.  I look at samples and books and online, I look at paintings and installations, I read, I take walks outside, and then I plunge in fearlessly.   I plunge.
I’m reading Marion Milner’s famous book “On Not Being Able To Paint” at the moment and on page 117 she wrote:    “If the sun and moon should doubt, they’d immediately go out”
She uses this rhyme to illustrate the doubt that debilitates creativity.  How so often we do nothing because we are afraid for the badness of our effort.  We become unable to draw because we are not able to see ahead.  We rely on patterns.    
In the workshops this week we’ve been making the swirling circles traditional to Indian Kantha cloths.    They are made with the simple running stitch that carefully begins from the outside edge and goes around and around, advancing a few threads each time.   Cautiously, carefully, slow, around and around, then all of a sudden when we aren’t even thinking about it much,  we see that we have made a swirl.  It just happened.  Life happens the way it is supposed to.  No pre-drawing required.  Plunge in but go very slowly.   

Maybe that’s my mantra.  Plunge in.  Go Slow. 

Excerpts from the lecture
September 23 2016
Aeolian Theatre, London Ontario Canada

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

celebrating our circles series of workshops

Judy Martin
Celebrating our Circles
A series of four one day workshops to celebrate the 45th anniversary
of the Canadian Embroidery Guild, London  1975 - 2016

September 20, 21, 22, 24 2016 in London Ontario Canada
Pictured are circles made using the bending stitch, the Kaitya from India, and two using the buttonhole stitch, inspired by contemporary Japanese artist, Junko Oki.  Other stitches in the workshops are: the reverse applique dot, the chemanthy and the one sided flat stitch used in Scandinavian sun and star flowers.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hard Twist 11: Spin

HARD TWIST 11: SPIN, the eleventh annual edition of the Gladstone Hotel’s signature show of textile-based art, invites artists to give us their own spin on spin.

To spin is to transform. Whether it’s turning a fleece into yarn for a cozy sweater or rotating a dubious fact through angles of truth, spinning changes what you started with into something very different.

Hard Twist has become an important annual event within the Canadian textile art community as well as being a signature event for the Gladstone.

Stacie Go Eun Baek, Claire Bartleman, Annabel Berthoff, Jessica Bromley Bartram, Valerie Carew, Valerie Dennis, Lise Downe, Judy Duggan-McCormack, Martina Edmondson, Margot Fagan, Shannon Gerard and Liam Blackburn, Amanda Gresik, Connie Lynn Higgs, Wilma Kenny, Ketzia Kobrah and Laurel Sherman, Lynne M Mack, Judith e Martin, Kathleen Morris, Natalie Nadeau, Jenna Richards, Brooke Ripley, Rob Shostak, Jennifer Wigmore, Jen Wilson and Wenzi Li

Julie Nicholson: Design advocate, Curator Do Design, co-founder TO DO Festival.
Dorie Millerson: AOCAD, MFA Chair, Material Art & Design
Paula John: Hard Twist 10 Artist
Helena Frei and Chris Mitchell: Hard Twist curators
Lukus Toane – Director of Exhibitions, Gladstone Hotel (ex-officio)

#HardTwist11 | @Gladstonehotel

1214 Queen Street West Toronto, ON Canada M6J 1J6

Thursday, August 11, 2016

visiters from Australia

Jan Milne and her husband stopped in to visit Judy on August 10.  They have traveled from their home in Australia and will be visiting North America for 3 weeks.

They had come from Little Current United Church where they had viewed the permanent installation of the Manitoulin Circle Project panels.  Jan had followed their creation on Judy's Journal.  Jan will be studying with Judy at Ballarat during Fibre Arts Australia in April 2017.  Click here to read the article in the Manitoulin Expositor about the Milne's visit to view the panels and about Judy's upcoming Australian adventure.
Below:  photos of the panels
earthark detail

precious water
mended world  detail
layers of time

Saturday, July 30, 2016

And Still Maintain a Normal Life - sold

And Still Maintain a Normal Life
hand stitch on wool flannel, mounted on linen, framed
sold at Perivale Gallery Manitoulin Island

One of five pieces Judy Martin is showing at the gallery this season.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In the Spirit of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven

Turning the Air to Cloth  Embroidered Quilt 2015 by Judith e Martin
Perivale Gallery
July 23 - August 7 2016
In the Spirit of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven
Group exhibition of gallery artists

opening receptiong July 23 2 -5 pm
hours 10-5 pm every day
705 377 4874

Judy Martin will participate in this exhibition with the embroiderey - quilted wall piece, 'turnng the air to cloth'
In reference to Tom Thomson's 1915 painting Round Lake, Mud Bay

Thursday, June 16, 2016

home studio visit penage road women's institute

millennium journal ; zen ecstasy   2002  by Judith e Martin

canadian pioneer detail  2012  by judith e martin

left: turning the air to cloth 2015, right: lake 2014, hand stitched and embroidered quilts by judith e martin

self hug embroidery on vintage pillow case detail 2015 by judith e martin
The Women's Institute
of Penage Lake Road
are visiting Judy Martin's home studio on Manitoulin Island
Friday June 17 at 10:30 am

It is part of their year-end celebration.