Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In the Spirit of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven

Turning the Air to Cloth  Embroidered Quilt 2015 by Judith e Martin
Perivale Gallery
July 23 - August 7 2016
In the Spirit of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven
Group exhibition of gallery artists

opening receptiong July 23 2 -5 pm
hours 10-5 pm every day
705 377 4874

Judy Martin will participate in this exhibition with the embroiderey - quilted wall piece, 'turnng the air to cloth'
In reference to Tom Thomson's 1915 painting Round Lake, Mud Bay

Thursday, June 16, 2016

home studio visit penage road women's institute

millennium journal ; zen ecstasy   2002  by Judith e Martin

canadian pioneer detail  2012  by judith e martin

left: turning the air to cloth 2015, right: lake 2014, hand stitched and embroidered quilts by judith e martin

self hug embroidery on vintage pillow case detail 2015 by judith e martin
The Women's Institute
of Penage Lake Road
are visiting Judy Martin's home studio on Manitoulin Island
Friday June 17 at 10:30 am

It is part of their year-end celebration.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Corner of the World Canada

Time Passes Ovder The Earth, 2015  plant dyed velvet, hand pieced and hand quilted  24 x 24.5 inches,
Judith e Martin
My Corner of the The World: Canada
opened at Stratford Perth Museum
Stratford Ontario

May 21 - September 5 2016

Judy Martin will be showing Time Passes Over The Earth in this group exhibition sponsored by SAQA (studio art quilt associates).

Monday, May 16, 2016

April graduates MFA sculpture from School of the Art Institute of Chicago

April Anne Martin
with her copper sculpture 2016
Sullivan Galleries, Chicago Illinois
SAIC MFA graduate reception
Congratulations April!

Click here for more photos and a review of her grad exhibition is now on the modernist aesthetic blog.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Perivale Gallery opens May 22

And Still maintain a Normal Life  2015 
hand stitch with cotton threads,, framed with linen   
Judith Martin

Don't Worry  2015 
hand stitch cotton threads on cotton and wool, framed with linen 
Judith Martin

Memory of Wikwemikong 2008
 dyed fabrics, layered and hand stitched quil,
 Judith Martin
Perivale Gallery opens for the season on Sunday May 22 2016
Judith Martin is displaying 5 pieces , 3 shown in this post.
The gallery is open every day during July and August (10 - 6 pm) and weekends during the months of May and June.  phone 705 377 4847 or 705 377 4874

Sunday, May 01, 2016

It is an Honour To Make a Quilt

Energy Cloth 2011   and  Memories of Wikwemikong 2008
from top left, something more magical than it ever was 1991, work in progress (big silk quilt), House with the Golden Windows, (two walls only) 1993, moon cloth 2016 long night 2016, Cry me a River 2001, Monumental simplicity 2012 and in the middle, Protection Blanket - the yellow Amish piece - 2005
Turning the Sky To Cloth 2015 and Lake 2014
from top ,  indigo checkerboard in progress, beautiful blocks of time (bound journals, on going) The Rescuer 2001, velvet journal series, and She Sees Herself As Warm 1996 Velvet Journal series
Monday May 2
5 pm end of year banquet,   guest speaker 7 pm Judith Martin
Sudbury District Quilting and Stitchery Guild
Bryston's On The Park, Copper Cliff Ontario
Some of the Millennium Journal 1998-2001
from top  Millennium Journal 2001, two embroidered pillow cases, Hold Me 2009 and Self Hug 2015, Jack's Quilt Lucky Protection 2011, coming clockwise, Turning The Air To Cloth 2015, Lake 2014, In the Centre of the Body is the Soul 1996, Cry Me a River 2001 at bottom, Sisu 2013, two 50th wedding banners 1999, twenty  four hour care 2010 and Each Stitch is a prayer, 2004, the pale Amish in the middle of the photo.
The process of quiltmaking is a strange one.  I become a housewife.  I wash the fabric, dry it, dye it, iron it, sew it.  Design is urgent, but making a quilt requires a love of tedium.  Those hours are filled with thoughts, daydreams, cycles of emotions.  Good feelings turn into sadness. Frustrated boredom turns into meditative calm.  When I’ve finished, there it is.  My vision realized.

Time has passed.  Things have been learned.  Each quilt is a painting for me, but quilts also have that functional possibility.  In the present day world of mass produced things, a unique, finely crafted object becomes a statement of the quality of life I believe in.  It is an honour to make a quilt. 
Janet Koike

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gallery Artists exhibition at David Kaye Gallery

Two of Judith Martin's Time, Dream, Memory series  are part of the exhibition
GALLERY ARTISTS March 31 - May 1 2016.  
This exhibit is in David Kaye's main space, the west gallery.
Time Dream Memory: Time  by Judith Martin 2014
 Van dyke print on hand made paper, wool blanket, hand stitch 2014. 
Time, Dream Memory: Dream  Judith Martin 2014

 Also in this exhibit, Sylvia Ptak's framed stitch and pigment piece, The Unicorn and the Date Palm
and below, Barbara Klunder's collage, Either Love or Fear
In the East Gallery at David Kaye's are the Saidye Bronfman award winners, ten of which exhibit with David Kaye.  That exhibit includes textile artists Dorothy Caldwell, Susan Warner Keene, Sandra Brownlee, Kai Chan and the 2016 winner, Jane Kidd.  See their work here.
The gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday.