Friday, April 05, 2024

The Textile Galleries at Festival of Quilts

Snowy Snowy by Judith E Martin  naturally dyed wool log cabin fabric construction
Softer and Dreamier is the title of Judy Martin's solo exhibition at the Festival of Quilts this year.

The dates of the festival are August 1 - 4 and all information is on the Festival's website.  

Along with many workshops, lectures, shopping, and hundreds of competition quilts there will be nine textile galleries at the Festival of Quilts. “This year's incredible line-up celebrates the creativity and diversity of the world's most talented quilters and textile artists.”

Click here for the link to the Textile Galleries to read about South America's Carolina Oneto who will be showing a large collection of her abstract modern quilts,  Lynne Edwards’  50 year’s of quilts, Amy Pabst's exhibition of miniature quilts and British modern quilter Sarah Hibbert's joint exhibition with Korean quilter, Jaeyoung EOM.  

The Festival welcomes you to use the discount code JUDITH24 when you purchase tickets to the festival save two pounds on standard admission.  

Friday, March 29, 2024

In the Middle of the World catalogue now available for online viewing

The artists (Judith e Martin and Penny Berens) the curator, Miranda Bouchard, and the book's graphic designer, Zoe Wonfor are pleased to share our 125 page catalogue to interested people for free on Judy Martin's website at this link.    

It is also available on Miranda Bouchard's website in pdf format at this link.

The catalogue has an ISBN number, 9781738969210, and is available for viewing through the Library and Archives Canada with this link.

If you want to hold something in your hands and turn the pages slowly, there are still some soft cover books available from three Ontario outlets:  The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Lake of the Woods Museum / Art Centre. and the Manitoulin Expositor book store.   

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Poet in Love selected for Renewal exhibition

Judy Martin's entry Poet in Love was one of 33 pieces selected by jurors David Kaye, Leona Herzog and Brandt Eisner for the SAQA Canadian Regional Juried Exhibition Renewal, from among 187 entries.   The exhibition will debut at the Homer Watson House and Gallery in Kitchener, Ontario from July 5 to September 8, 2024.  The exhibition will tour until early 2027.

Congratulations to all of us (see list below) and thank you to the jurors and to the hard-working SAQA committee who organized this opportunity. 

Terry Aske - Witch Hazel Magic

Susan Avishai - Rise Again

Heather Bennett - Covid Spring

Sabrina Capune - A Chinook Renewal of Winter

Victoria Carley - Blakiston 2023

Robynne Cole - Life Rings True

Mary Cope - Beneath Our Surface

Millie Cumming - Please, Please

Donna-Fay Digance - Forest Renewal

Lori A. Everett - Forest Hope

Kristi Farrier - My Mother’s Garden

Mita Giacomini - Bovinity

Heather A. Hager - Urban Renewal

Margaret Inkster - Frosty Fronds

Joan Flett Kilpatrick - Celebrate

Steph Kincaid - Can’t Keep Me Down

Tracey Lawko - Harbingers

Toni Major - Leaving the Dark

Judy Martin Poet in Love

Marie McEachern - First Blooms

Beth McKay - Making Peace

Lee McLean - Reclaiming Joy

Diane Nunez - Twister 2

Jenny Perry - There is a Crack in Everything

Lorraine Roy - Germination

Helena Scheffer - Kiribati

Susan Selby - Winter Solstice

Linda Strowbridge - Long Street Legacy

Maggie Vanderweit - Find Your Way

Kit Vincent - Tri-Colour White

Anna Wagner Ott - Shroud

Lynda Williamson - Passing On

Beth Susan van Wyngaarden - Kim’s Pine Cone 

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Marking Time with Fabric and Thread

Judy Martin's stitched journal, Not to Know But To Go On, is one of the 25 featured pieces in a new book scheduled for release in late October 2024.  The author of the book is Tommye McClure Scanlin and the publisher is Schiffer.

It will be possible to purchase Marking Time With Fabric and Thread at any book store.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

All Things Can Be Mended enters private collection

watercolour and thread on paper with pierced holes, framed in wood 18.5  x 19"   2019

sold through Guildworks in Prince Edward County Ontario  

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Softer and Dreamier , a solo exhibition at the Festival of Quilts 2024

Judith E Martin has been invited by the Festival of Quilts to mount a solo show for the 2024 festival that occurs in Birmingham United Kingdom August 1 - 4 2024.  This is Europe's largest patchwork and quilting event.  

The title of Judy's show is:  Softer and Dreamier

In her solo exhibition, Judy Martin will be showing approximately 20 new quilts that explore the cosmic circles in the sky above us as well as the dream world within us.  Informed by poetry, memoir, fine art, and the life passages that happen in bed, Martin creates large hand-stitched quilts and has been doing so for over 40 years.  

Judy and Ned are going to Birmingham for the festival and look forward to meeting other quilt lovers.

Friday, January 26, 2024

Textiles Open Us Up

Zak Foster gave a lecture in October 2023 to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia, USA.  He quoted seven of the many artists he had interviewed for his Seamside Podcast.  He quoted Judy Martin  at around 22 minutes in the one  hour lecture/  Judy spoke about the poetic resonance she finds in making quilts and looking at the sky.  The entire talk is very interesting and addresses identity and vulnerability and how textiles help us to learn about ourselves and also connect with others.  You can watch Zak's entire talk on youtube at this link.

If you are interested in listening to the Seamside podcast with Zak Foster and Judy Martin from April 2023, you can click on this other link

ALSO:  For the New Year 2024, Zak brought together highlights from Seamside, and included some of the interview with Judy.  So here is yet another link to Zak's Seamside podcast that will take you to How to Ring in 2024 with Friends.  Thank you Zak Foster !