Sunday, February 22, 2015

Art and Ambiance Art Auction

knitted and felted wool, metal buttons, framed in shadow box.  Judy Martin 2008

Part of art and ambiance art auction at the thunder Bay Art Gallery, March 6, 2015

an annual event that supports the gallery's exhibition and education programs.

Thunder Bay Art Gallery

1080 Keewatin Street
Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
P.O. Box 10193
807 577 6427

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SLOW STITCH begins February 12


Interested in hand stitching?  Come to the Little Current United Church Hall on Thursday afternoons and join us as we practice the variety of stitches used in the fabrication of our meditation panels.  Instruction or review of the many improvisational and traditional techniques is where we will begin.  You will be able to take your work home if you like and if you miss a week or are not able to start just now, not to worry.   The weekly event will be organized so that everyone can work at her own pace.   1 – 4 pm every Thursday.   

Judy Martin, lead artist for the successful Manitoulin Community Circle Project, has volunteered to teach the hand stitch techniques and demonstrate her methods of design.  Each participant will be gently encouraged to create an original meditation panel for her own personal use.  Sponsored by the Little Current United Church, this event is open to the wider community.  It is not necessary to be a member of the church or to know anything at all about sewing. 

 Please bring a notebook or sketchbook plus pen/pencil.  You can wait until the second meeting to bring your fabrics and threads if you like.      FEBRUARY 12 2015 is the first meeting, but it is possible to start at any time.   This is a DROP-IN event and it is FREE!
Fabrics:  bring approximately one metre each of two solid colour fabrics that you believe look good together.  These can be any type – cotton, linen, silk, wool, re-cycled table linen, re-cycled clothing.  Ensure that the weights of your chosen fabrics are similar.   Threads:  bring two or three skeins of cotton embroidery floss that co-ordinate with your fabrics.  Also bring sewing thread that matches your fabric and a sewing kit (needles, scissors).
Contact Judy Martin 705 368 3819 or Julia McCutcheon 705 368 3101 for more information or email Judy at

Friday, February 06, 2015


Meditation Panels
This workshop introduces the archetypal symbols and shapes used around the world and across time.  These first shapes connect us without words to our spiritual need for ritual and are the inspirational basis for original and personally scaled meditation panels.  Hands on instruction in Judy’s improvisational methods of working over foundation cloth in combination with traditional hand stitched construction methods and hand embroidery will start participants on a project that will continue to nurture the maker over a period of months.
This is a quiet workshop.  We will be guided by our sense of touch.  It is inspired by the successful Manitoulin Community Circle Project in which over 100 women made several hand-stitched meditation panels for the local community during four years of weekly meetings.     Suggested length is five days.

Power and Beauty of Hand Stitch
This workshop explores the healing qualities of hand stitching in combination with finding one’s personal voice through journal-writing exercises.  Hand embroidery adds meaning and emotion to cloth.  It adds visible time to the cloth even as it gives quiet time to the maker.  Translating personal concerns into beautiful hand stitched textiles is the primary focus of this class.  Bring one or two pieces of your own work, finished and/or unfinished to show and discuss with the class.  This is not for critique, but rather to help discover your own voice and what it is that you want to communicate to others using visual media.
This is a quiet workshop.  We will be guided by our sense of touch and by our inner thoughts and dreams.  Suggested length is five days.


Judy Martin’s lectures mix poetry, visual art theory, concern for the environment, and social revolution with her own personal life experience.   Each lecture is about 40 minutes in length and is supported with digital presentation and/or a show and tell of her large body of work.   3 suggested topics are:
1.  Adventures with natural dyeing in northern Ontario                   
2.  Art and life are all mixed up
3.  Slow stitching as social change: the Manitoulin Circle Project

If you are interested please use the contact email in the my profile section and make an inquiry.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Rachel Biel has selected images and text from around the world and has created a most informative site.   Rachel recently updated Judith e Martin's page to include these images of her work.  To view Judy's new page, click here.

Thank you Rayela.  Visit the TAFA home page by clicking here.

"The fabric constructions I make combine fine art's conceptual-ism with traditional woman's craft.  Photographs, drawings, paintings, and objects are mixed with fabrics, threads, and text in order to communicate poetically.  Meditative handwork fills most of the pieces. 
Judith Martin Textile Artist monumental-simplicity-in-ge
Monumental Simplicity, plant dyed wool gauze, hand stitch, 9 feet square
Traditional quilt patterns and multi-cultural symbols concerning birth, death, and sexuality are the foundation for my artwork.  When one considers the connection that these rites of passage have to the bed, then the quilt is an obvious and powerful medium."
   -Judith Martin Textile Artist
Something More Magical Than It Ever Was   re-purposed family clothing, new silk hand quilted  90" square

Friday, December 19, 2014

David Kaye gallery in December 2014

 Morning Star by Kai Chan  2014   Bamboo, dye, oil paint  (detail)
artist statement / poem by Kai Chan - for his solo exhibition entitled Love Circles at the David Kaye Gallery Nov 27 - Dec 21 2014.
On the wall - Paradise Meditation 1 and Paradise Meditation II by Judith e Martin David Kaye Gallery 1092 Queen Street West, Toronto Ontario
Morning Star by Kai Chan

Two pieces by Judy Martin were curated into the group show at the David Kaye gallery that is on display concurrently with the Kai Chan exhibition.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

two fund raising exhibitions

 Providence   watercolour and nature collage  Judith e Martin   2002
The above painting is part of the December exhibition at the local library in Little Current, Manitoulin Island, a fund raising exhibiiton to help the 'art for seniors' program that the library offers residents. All paintings are priced at $100 with $50 going to the artist and $50 to the library art committee fund.
Dates of this exhibition:  November 29 2014 - January 31 2015.   50 merideth street, 705 368 2444
update:  Eight people wanted to purchase this painting, so their names went into a hat and one was chosen at 2 pm on opening day.
Vulnerable  ink, wax, sequins  by Judith e Martin 2006

Vulnerable is included in the annual fund raising exhibition at the GNO gallery (La galerie du nouvel ontario) in Sudbury.  All paintings were priced at $150 with $100 going to the artist and $50 to the gallery.  Vulnerable sold on opening day.
Dates of le Nouveau Louvre:  November 15 - December 20  2014.  The exhibition is on view online.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Judith e Martin with Canadian Pioneer 
Judy's wool quilt, Canadian Pioneer, was juried into Quilts=Art=Quilts by Kathleen Loomis and Valerie Goodwin.  The exhibition is at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Centre in Auburn New York November 2 2014 - January 4 2015.  77 beautiful quilts are in the exhibition.

Canadian Pioneer was awarded first prize.

This statement was placed beside the quilt:

This  quilt was inspired by the utilitarian bar quilts made in 19th century Canada and it can be read as a metaphor for the woman settler.   Made from vintage wool blankets pieced together, it survived many hardships.   Slashed, the mending stitches only made it stronger.  Those repeated daily burdens folded and tied into neat repetitive rows? They give it rhythmic and solid beauty.  Drowned and felted, the weathering effects of time make it unique.  Warm, useful, brave and optimistic, this quilt has a big heart.

For more photos of Canadian Pioneer please click here and here.