Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ontario Craft Council chooses Canadian Pioneer for booth display at the Interior Design Show in Toronto

 Canadian Pioneer  Wool Quilt, embroidered and felted, 2012
Hopefully, this piece will draw attendees of the Interior Design Show in Toronto January 23 - 26 2014 to the booth of the Ontario Craft Council. 

The craft council is using the following biography of the artist, Judy Martin in their display.

Judy Martin and her husband reside on Lake Huron’s Manitoulin Island, a relatively isolated place typical of the peaceful beauty she has sought her entire life.  This self-imposed retreat has a marked effect on Martin’s work, which is grounded in the phenomenological idea that the sense of touch is the most effective way to connect emotionally with others.  Her repetitive stitches communicate directly to our inner world.
Judy Martin has participated in more than one hundred group shows in Canada, the USA, Europe, and Japan and she has mounted twenty-four solo exhibitions.  The Finnish characteristic, sisu, (courage, optimism, indomitable will) sets Judy Martin’s work apart.

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