Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Quilt Visions 2014: The Sky's The Limit

Yin Yin,  2013.....plant dyed linen, procion dyed velvet, button thread
This piece was juried into the important Visions exhibition.  It was one of thirty nine quilts.
Visions Art Museum, San Diego California,
This is the 13th biennial exhibition.  It was juried by Sue Benner, Patty Hawkins and Bruce Hoffman.
Judith e Martin's quilt, Yin Yin, won the Friends of Fiber Art International award.  This award was for the quilt which most reflects the universality of artistic expression.

The exhibition opened October 3 2014 and continues until January 5 2015.
There is a catalogue available.  Judy's piece is pictured on page 70 and 71.

Here is the statement beside Judy's work.

The title refers to the philosophy of yin and yang.
If yang is fast, yin is slow.
If yang is sun, yin is moon
Yang is my outer self, while yin is my inner.
yin yin side b
The first side of this small piece shows off the raw tactility of the wrong side of reverse applique dots, metaphors for our interesting, vulnerable inner selves.
The back of the piece, usually against the wall, is marked with the right side of those same dots.

My work explores the idea of inner self.
Humans have two sides, public and private.  With two 'wrong' sides this piece represents private and private.

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