Friday, February 06, 2015


Y-O-U and Hand Stitch

Use materials to their fullest potential.
Use slow and tender methods of construction and mark making through hand stitch.
Create artworks that relate to our contemporary world.
Personal story, contemporary fine art and archetypal first shapes are the pathways into a stitched artwork true to your own heart.  The meaning of the piece arrives through making and doing, through listening carefully to the materials you work with.

The title of this workshop references collage artist Hanna Hoch's advice to embroidery artists.  
"You crafts women, modern women, who feel that your spirit is in your work, who are determined to lay claim to your rights, who believe your feet are firmly planted in reality, at least Y-O-U should know that your embroidery work is a documentation of your own era"  (she said this in 1918)

Contemplative Stitch
This workshop introduces the archetypal symbols and shapes used around the world and across time.  These first shapes connect us without words to our spiritual need for ritual and are the inspirational basis for original and personally scaled meditation panels.  Hands on instruction in Judy’s improvisational methods of working over foundation cloth in combination with traditional hand stitched construction methods and hand embroidery will start participants on a project that will continue to nurture the maker over a period of months.
This is a quiet workshop.  We will be guided by our sense of touch.  It is inspired by the successful Manitoulin Community Circle Project in which 149 women and men made several hand-stitched meditation panels for the local community during four years of weekly meetings.     Suggested length is five days.

Judy Martin’s lectures mix poetry, visual art theory, concern for the environment, and social revolution with her own personal life experience.   Each lecture is about 40 minutes in length and is supported with digital presentation and/or a show and tell of her large body of work.   

1.  Adventures with natural dyeing in northern Ontario                   
2.  Art and life are all mixed up
3.  Slow stitching as social change: the Manitoulin Circle Project

This page is Judy Martin's  only promotion.  
She is offering workshops using stitch until spring 2017, then she will be on sabbatical from teaching in order to produce her own body of work.  If you are interested in inviting Judy to your community to teach or speak,   please use the contact email and make an inquiry.   

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