Friday, March 06, 2015

Edge of the Forest

A travelling exhibition of work by Canadian members of the International Surface Design Association opens March 11 at the Richmond Hill Centre of the Performing Arts, Toronto Ontario Canada.

53 Artists from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are in the exhibition.  Rachel Miller, head of textiles at Sheridan college, Toronto, Line Dufour master weaver, and Joe Lewis, writer about textile art, juried the exhibition.
The  artists juried into the exhibition are:
Anni Hunt  
Judi Alexander
Marci Horswill
Lois McArthur
Eleanor Hannan
Judi MacCleod
Jennifer Love
Laura Feelus
Jean Cockburn
Robin Wiltse
Lilly Thorne
Deborah Dumka
Patt Wilson
Bryony Dunsmore
Gloria Daly
Connie Chapman
Shamina Senaratne
Linda Coe
Joanna Rogers
Morag Orr-Stevens
Thomas Roach
Lesley Turner
Terry Phillips
Katie Stein Sather
Jill Sullivan
Donna-Fay Digance
Susasn Fae Haglund
Lorraine Ross
Diane Duncan
Terri Illingworth
Leslie Barnes
Mahira Murad
Siri McCormick
Wendy Klotz
Janet Scruggs
Donna Stockdale
Hilary Johnstone
Gwen Klypak
Leila Olfert
Ingrid Lincoln
Amanda Onchulenko
Mary Kroetsch
Jenny Iserman
Maggie Vanderweit
Barbara Goldstein
Mita Giacomini
Lorraine Roy
Pat Loucks
Kay Stanfield
Wilma Butts
Kelly Jane Bruton

Rikki Blitt, Melanie Siegel and Sheila Thomson formed an Edge of the Forest team and organized this exhibition.

Melanie Siegel and Sheila Thomson also each have a piece in the exhibition (curator's circle).

As well as two venues in Toronto and one in Belleville Ontario, the show travels to Newfoundland in August to be exhibited in Gros Morne national park.  It will remain in Gros Morne until October 18 as one of the major exhibits of the Fibre arts Newfoundland conference.  The team hopes that the exhibition will continue to travel across Canada well into 2016.

Judy Martin was asked to choose one piece for the award of excellence.  (nearly an impossible task)
She chose Sanctuary, by Gloria Daly of Duncan B.C.

"I have made my choice after much careful looking and consideration.Gloria Daly's piece, Sanctuary, is a very strong piece.  
The simplicity of the archetypal cross shape grounds the design, and draws the viewer from across the room.  Close inspection of the mix of interesting stitches and multiple layers that the artist placed with care and consideration is a reward for heart and mind.  Impeccable workmanship throughout, including the finishing.
Everything in this piece invites and deserves contemplation.
So many of the pieces were strong in this exhibition.  Congratulations to all the artists and to the organizers.Judy Martin
There is an amazing website about the Edge of the Forest exhibition with each artists's statement about and an image of their Edge piece .  Links to all the artists' websites are also included.  Click here for the Edge of the Forest website. 

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  1. I can certainly see why you chose Gloria Daly's Sanctuary. It is breathtaking!

    I am sure it was a tough decision and I have not seen the others, but this piece does have a voice of its own.