Friday, May 29, 2015

The Meditation Panels Workshop in Newfoundland this October

 Meditation Panels
This workshop introduces the archetypal symbols and shapes used around the world and across time.  These first shapes connect us without words to our spiritual need for ritual and are the inspirational basis for original and personally scaled meditation panels.  Hands on instruction in Judy’s improvisational methods of working over foundation cloth in combination with traditional hand stitched construction methods and hand embroidery will start participants on a project that will continue to nurture the maker over a period of months.
We will be guided by our sense of touch.  This is a quiet workshop, inspired by the successful Manitoulin Community Circle Project in which 149 women and men made several hand-stitched meditation panels for the local community during four years of weekly meetings.    
Judy Martin's workshop,  Meditation Panels, is a 3 day workshop offered at the conference in Newfoundland this coming October 16,  17 and 18.   Here is a link to the conference .  I can't give you a direct link to the workshop, so follow the links on the main page.   The organizers have put a supply list online, but it is incomplete.   They will be correcting it, but in the mean time, please use the information below.

Materials supplied by the instructor   
($46 )

Judy Martin is bringing the four original meditation panels from the Manitoulin Circle Project to this workshop in Newfoundland.  The opportunity to be close to and touch these inspiring hand stitched works of art is reason enough to take this workshop.

Each participant will take home five samples of specialized silk or cotton threads for hand stitching and at least two new needles.  Each participant will also receive a length of texture magic – a heat-shrink product, two metres of light weight foundation cloth, and a printed hand out.
Materials to be supplied by the student:
a)  Fabrics that you believe look good together.  Choose two to five. Please do not bring your whole stash.  Just bring approximately ½ metre lengths to the workshop.  Try to choose natural fibres – cotton, linen, silk, wool or re-cycled damask table linens.  Ensure that the weights of your chosen fabrics are similar.  Because we are stitching into them, choose solids rather than prints. The fabric can be re-purposed family clothing or domestic textiles or it can be brand new.
b)  cotton embroidery floss that co-ordinates with your fabrics.  (2-3 different skeins)
c)  sewing thread that co-ordinates with your fabrics (one spool)
d) sketchbook 
e) drawing and note taking kit - ball point pen, pencil, eraser and black permanent marker
f) a design cloth:  Find an old bed sheet for this.  You need a cloth that you can draw on.  This design cloth will not be included in the finished work but is important for the design process.  Minimum size about 40-48 inches square. 

The images in this post are of Siska Poenn's hand stitched meditation panel sampler.  Siska is one of the participants in Slow Stitch, weekly meetings in Judy Martin's home community on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada.

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  1. Your work is such an inspiration Judy and oh how I'd love to be at the conference! Unfortunately my trip to North America will be over a month earlier . . . such poor timing on my part. I'm hoping to find a class to attend some time late August or early September.