Sunday, July 12, 2015

David Kaye Gallery displays Yin Yin this summer

 Yin Yin is currently on display at the David Kaye Gallery in Toronto.
Above, installation shot of the collection display area of the gallery.  Yin Yin is upper right.
Yin Yin is a two sided piece.
The second side has a rougher texture.  Detail shown below.
David Kaye represents some of the most important textile artists in Canada.  Judy Martin is proud to be in the same gallery as Dorothy Caldwell, Sandra Brownlee, Kai Chan Sylvia PtakSusan Warner Keene,  Chung-Im Kim, Tracey LawkoValerie Knapp , and Barbara Klunder among others.

The mixed media paintings of Nova Scotia artist, Donna Boyko are featured in solo exhibition this month until July 26.


  1. I really love this amazing quilt. I want to rub my little hands across the wonderful texture

    1. Thank you Tina. I love it too.
      The reverse side of the reverse applique is so vulnerable. x