Friday, September 22, 2017

Sheguiandah fiber artist's works go globe trotting

The Manitoulin Expositor ran an article about Judy Martin's work.

for now, use this link to read the article. 

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SHEGUIANDAH—The beautiful work of fiber artist Judy Martin, who resides in Sheguiandah, is being shared with the world through three global exhibitions that will see her pieces travel to Japan, Europe and across North America.
“Mended World was selected to be part of a special  exhibition, ‘Masterworks: Abstract and Geometric,’  in the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas that takes place in early November,” Ms. Martin explained to The Expositor. “The quilts in this exhibition are by the 29 featured artists in a book that was published in 2016, ‘Art Quilts International: Abstract and Geometric,’ by Martha Sielman. These engaging works of art represent a range of styles across the abstract art spectrum. Participating artists come from Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan and across the US.”
Mended World was completed in 2012. It measures 94 inches by 94 inches and is made from re-purposed damask tablecloths and new silk.  It is machine and hand pieced, and hand quilted.  Many hands worked on this quilt during the project that took place in the Little Current United Church between 2009 and 2013.
As part of the exhibition, Mended World will also be travelling to Japan, Europe and across the United States, returning to Canada in 2020.
“‘Art Quilts International: Abstract and Geometric’ includes 300 gorgeous art quilts, bursting with colour and excitement, capturing the work of 124 major quilt artists from 18 countries,” added. Ms. Martin. “It also contains in-depth interviews with 29 of the artists (including Ms. Martin) which help us understand their inspirations, their techniques and their challenges.”
As well, Ms. Martin’s work ‘Time Passes Over The Earth,’ a plant dyed velvet piece, is part of an exhibit entitled ‘My Corner of the World’ which is currently in France, travelling to Canada in August of 2018
Her piece ‘Soft Summer Gone,’ 100-inch square, is made of dyed plant silk and is hand embroidered and quilted. It is part of the Quilt National exhibition that opened earlier this year in Ohio and is travelling to Europe. Ms. Martin received two awards in surface design for the quilt.
“Quilt National is a biennial exhibition and this was the 20th year,” said Ms. Martin.  “It is one of the most important exhibitions internationally for art quilters.  This is the second time that a piece of mine has been accepted.  I was floored to win two awards for surface design for my piece ‘Soft Summer Gone.’  The exhibition opened in May in Athens, Ohio and came down early September. It’s next location is the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Misouri. It will tour until 2021.”
This summer Ms. Martin has been busy creating seven new pieces for a solo exhibition in Toronto in October at the David Kaye Gallery.
“‘The Cloud in Me’ is all brand new work,” said Ms. Martin. “It is about connecting to the inner world—the feeling you get when you are outside and the immensity you feel as you look out over the horizon. It also explores the idea of healing. Most of the pieces began with being wrecked and healed—exploring reparation—taking care of your self, your body, your spirit and the viewer.”  ‘The Cloud in Me’ runs at the David Kaye Gallery from Monday, October 2 to Sunday, October 29. The opening is being held on Saturday, October 7 at 2 pm.
“I am very pleased to be having this exhibit in Toronto,” Ms. Martin commented. “It is my first solo exhibition in Toronto in a commercial space. I’m a little un-nerved about it all and have been working very hard at the new hand stitched pieces, none of them are small.”  
Ms. Martin said she is thrilled that her work has been selected for these global exhibitions and for the opportunity for her own exhibition in Toronto.  “I’ve been working hard for a long time and it is nice to get this recognition,” she shared. “And I’m able to stay here, home, and still able to reach people with my work. It’s amazing.”
To learn more about Judy Martin’s work visit her blog,

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