Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Cloud In Me opens in Toronto

The Cloud In Me
October 5 - 29 2017
Opening "meet the artist"  on Saturday October 7  2-4 pm
David Kaye Gallery
1092 Queen West Toronto
Entry is off Dovercourt
Look for the side walk sign.  That is where the entrance is.
All work is hand stitched.
Accidents, found and used fabrics, aging processes, are included in the work, giving soul to the serene tactile drawings on exhibition.
Judy Martin has brought her father's wheel chair quilt for viewers to touch.  (blue object above)
Touch is the most powerful of the senses to communicate on an intimate level.


  1. congratulations (((Judy)))!

  2. Beautiful! Congratulations!

  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Congratulations! The exhibition looks wonderful. I love your work and wish I could see it in person.

  4. Kudos! A beautiful presentation of beautiful work.

  5. Congratulations-looks wonderful and I wish I could see it.

  6. beatiful congrats