Friday, November 10, 2017

The Cloud in Me - a successful exhibition

1.   All seven of the pieces in the show were completed in 2017 - and although some of them had their creative beginnings years previously, the goal of completing enough for a commerical exhibition pushed the artist to a new level of productivity.
2.  This was Judy Martin's first solo exhibition in the large city of Toronto, Ontario.  The gallery that invited and hosted the exhibition is considered one of the best for fine art and craft in the country.  The David Kaye Gallery.
longing cloth  9 feet x 2 feet
longing cloth showing red interior
side b

3.  Although this was Judy Martin's 28th solo exhibition, most of her other exhibitions have been in government supported public galleries in Ontario.  Measuring success at a commercial gallery means sales and two pieces did sell during the exhibition run.  Longing Cloth and Basic Goodness    Please contact the David Kaye gallery if interested in purchasing any of the other pieces from the exhibition.
basic goodness 3 feet x 3 feet
4.  Many people went into David Kaye's gallery to experience Judy Martin's exhibition.  Some of the visitors wrote in the artist's guest book and what follows are just some of the beautiful comments:

thank you for the inspiration and beauty
wonderful work, inspiring
awesome, so many hours spent - beautiful
so beautiful, connected to spiritual peace
gesture and energy and the time it takes to stitch and dye
a steller exhibition
sensual, deep, the risk of revealing and allowing the unconscious world to radiate
earth and air  9 feet x 6 feet
absolutely stunning
touches me
beautiful show, incredible work
feast for the soul
fantastic, elegant, thoughtful and warm
extremely interesting
congrats, beautiful work, your true voice
a wonderful milestone
love the way I feel when I'm in this room.  So nurturing and healing
the cloud in me  5 feet x 6 feet
fantastic, I love the rnage of depth in the texture of white thread and white cloth, soulful and serene
amazing work
heart wrenching
quiet and intense and draws you in
beautiful work, speaks volumes
inspiring exhibition, love the option of touching the work
glad I had a moment to spend looking
wonderful, heart warming
very inspriting
lovely to see them in person.  inspiring
thank you for allowing us to touch Sisu.  I was amazed at its weight.  Looking at all the stichting in your pieces gives me tranquility
beautiful and very moving
my open heart 5.5  feet x 5 feet
so lovely
I was blown away, great work
beautiful stitching, thank you for sharing Sisu - such an intimate quilt
gorgeous exhibition, structure with playfulness
a beautiful touch
so inspiring
most impressive
intricate textiles, holes, overlaps, and blush of pink
such a large idea rendered in such a meticulous and minute way
cloud of time 7.5 feet x 9 feet
thank you for sharing your work and your sentiments
absolutely stunning
amazing, intricate work
great and inspring work
poetic cloth indeed
seeing the works in person is another experience altogether, it's wonderful
such a gentle joy
elegant and original
gorgeous show
satisfying on so many levels
I feel so fortunate to have seen this work in person
bidwell  5 feet x 5 feet  aprox
all photographs in this post by Frank Myers
(except for Basic Goodness- Nick Dubecki)

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