Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Guildworks Gallery opens

My Open Heart by Judy Martin  hand stitched layers of wool
Guildworks opens July 10, 2019
A new gallery owned and curated by Karen Bell and Guy de Carteret it specializes in fine craft.
Yin Yin by Judy Martin, hand stitched linen and velvet
 Located 346 Main Street, Bloomfield, Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada
Paradise Meditation by Judy Martin, painted and stitched damask, framed
Judy Martin's work is available for purchase through this new gallery.  View her work here.

Judy Martin and the Sense of Touch

 Judy Martin was interviewed by  the School of Stitched Textiles in Lancashire England.
 The interview went live on July 1 2019.  It is beautifully presented.
 Here is the link to Judy Martin and the Sense of Touch.  
SST:  What is your first memory of stitching?
JM:    My first memory is a stitched penguin that my maternal grandmother made for me from black silk velvet and white satin.  The sensuous fabrics both soothed and stimulated me.  Silk velvet is now a staple in my current work.

National Juried Show: Quilt Canada

The Cloud In Me
Part of the National Juried Show of the Canadian Quilting Association
Ottawa Ontario   June 11 - 15 2019
Abstract category

Journey To Softness

entered private collection in June 2019

Monday, May 20, 2019

thunder bay art gallery auction

Paradise Meditation II   vintage damask, cotton, stitch, cotton paper
framed behind glass  2012  

This piece will be shipped out to arrive in time for the Thunder Bay Art Gallery's annual fundraising auction.  June 7 at 7 pm.  Tickets available here 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Perivale Gallery opens for the 2019 season

Judy Martin's My Soft Jewel Heart, cotton, rayon, velvet, hand stitch,
framed in shadow box by Omega Picture Framing,
Perivale Gallery opens this weekend for the 2019 season.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 10 am - 5 pm.
Ivan Wheale's opening is Sunday 1 - 5 pm.
Judy Martin is one of the 50 Canadian artists on view. 
View her Perivale collection here.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Beauty Emotion Spirit Soul exhibition was extended until May 3

Beauty Emotion Spirit Soul    found fabrics, applique, embroidery, hand stitch  49" x 49"   2019   Judy Martin
Thank you Cristina Masotti, owner of One Sky gallery.
Shown here, one of the pieces that sold from the exhibition. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Beauty Emotion Spirit Soul

Left to right:  Paradise Meditation II,  Your Vulnerability Connects You to  the Rest of the Suffering World, Time Passes Over The Earth (velvet) , Paradise Meditation I, Bid Well (the quilt) and Journey To Softness
An important thing about the work in this exhibition
is the simplicity of it.
Finnish composer Jean Sibelius said:
‘avoid the use of unnecessary notes'
in window All Things Can Be Mended and How Much I Tried Not To Worry 
Traditionally, circles mean the self
yet they also symbolize so much beyond the self.
from left to right  Monumental Simplicity, Bid Well, Journey To Softness, Be Emptier, the reverse side of Lake (quilt)  and Beauty Emotion Spirit Soul
The sun moon stars earth planets, these are all circles.
The air…what shape is air?
the reverse side of How Much I Tried Not To Worry
The textiles and framed pieces in this exhibition
are things that if you want to you could own.
One Sky Gallery is a commercial space. 
Bid Well, Journey to Softness, Be Emptier, You Will be Softer, Love Yourself, The reverse side of My Open Heart
Loved objects are important for humans.
Poet Joseph Brodsky said that
“our artefacts tell more about ourselves than our confessions”
Lake and Monumental Simplicity
The world is whirling out of control
but these squares marked with circles and crosses and dots
and loved with the artist's repetitive caress
hold us safe. 

The exhibition is on view at One Sky gallery, downtown Sudbury Ontario Canada 
until April 30 2019.
EXTENDED until May 3 xo

Thursday, April 04, 2019

Beauty Emotion Spirit Soul opens April 5

Judy Martin's solo exhibition at One Sky Gallery in Sudbury Ontario opens April 5
Reception/meet the artist:   7 - 9 pm

The exhibition consists of textiles and framed stitched pieces.  The textiles have been hung from the ceiling which gives them a sculptural quality.  They are at eye level with space all around and one can move all around the work.   Some of them move in the slightest breeze, which adds a spiritual quality to the space.

Judy Martin works in a minimalist style, if it is possible to do so with the lush textures that cloth and stitch give.  Her favourite shapes are the cross/plus sign, the circle within a square, and dots, most often in grids.   The artist's use of such simple marks, and her quiet palette, give the exhibition on a whole a feeling of positive serenity.
18 pieces are in the exhibition.

Bid Well
My Open Heart
Memory of Wikwemikong
Time Passes Over the Earth
How Much I Tried Not To Worry
Beauty Emotion Spirit Soul
Monumental Simplicity
Paradise Meditation I
Paradise Meditation II
Love Yourself
I Will Always Carry You
Growing is What Life is For
Your Vulnerability Connects You To The Rest of the Suffering World
Be Emptier
Journey to Softness
All Things Can Be Mended
You Will Be Softer