Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Manitoulin Community Circle Project

On September 13, I made a presentation about this project to the Little Current United Church congregation during the Sunday service.

The project is to make four large square pieced
and embroidered textiles, each
with a large circle contained
within a large square.

These are to be liturgical pieces to aid with meditation during a formal religious service. They will be made over a period of nearly two years by Judy and members of the community of Manitoulin.

Most materials will be recycled domestic textiles such as damask tablecloths, wool blankets, linen handkerciefs. New silk will also be used. The method of construction will be hand stitching.

Every Thursday
noon till 8 pm
Little Current United Church Hall
Begins October 29, 2009
Continues until 2011.

Phone Judy, Faye Stevens or Julia McCutcheon for further information.

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  1. Your work is so beautiful Judy. I love the piece above.