Thursday, November 20, 2014

500 traditional quilts - the exhibition in Texas

Something More Magical Than It Ever Was   1991   Judith e Martin
re-cycled family clothing, new silk, photo transfers, painted cloth, sequins, hand quilted
A log cabin variation  photo Mike McCormack

This quilt is part of the exhibition 500 Traditional Quilts that was mounted during the Ruby Jubilee celebration of the International Quilt Festival in Houston Texas, October 29 - November 2, 2014.  This exhibition is just part of the huge festival.  The quilts in this exhibition are from the recent book, 500 Traditional Quilts published by Lark.

Here is the invitation from the quilt curator / book author Karey Bresenham

Your quilts Flesh and Blood and Something More Magical Than It Ever Was are so beautiful I hope you will allow us to consider them for still another opportunity to be appreciated by many quilt-lovers and for your fine work to be acknowledged by the quilt world…this time as part of a very special exhibit at the 40th anniversary of Houston’s International Quilt Festival this fall—the Ruby Jubilee of the largest quilt show in America, attended by more than 60,000 quilt lovers every year.  We are hosting 500 Traditional Quilts at Festival, the largest collection of traditional quilts we’ve ever shown, and we hope to possibly include your quilts as part of it!
Some of the other quilts will also show at the Texas Quilt Museum in Central Texas  January 8 - March 29, 2015

Flesh and Blood    2003  Judith e Martin
cotton, over dyed cotton, pieced, applique, polyester sheer, buttons, hand quilted
Ocean Waves variation    photo Sarah Warburton

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