Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Judith e Martin with Canadian Pioneer 
Judy's wool quilt, Canadian Pioneer, was juried into Quilts=Art=Quilts by Kathleen Loomis and Valerie Goodwin.  The exhibition is at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Centre in Auburn New York November 2 2014 - January 4 2015.  77 beautiful quilts are in the exhibition.

Canadian Pioneer was awarded first prize.

This statement was placed beside the quilt:

This  quilt was inspired by the utilitarian bar quilts made in 19th century Canada and it can be read as a metaphor for the woman settler.   Made from vintage wool blankets pieced together, it survived many hardships.   Slashed, the mending stitches only made it stronger.  Those repeated daily burdens folded and tied into neat repetitive rows? They give it rhythmic and solid beauty.  Drowned and felted, the weathering effects of time make it unique.  Warm, useful, brave and optimistic, this quilt has a big heart.

For more photos of Canadian Pioneer please click here and here.


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