Saturday, January 17, 2015


Rachel Biel has selected images and text from around the world and has created a most informative site.   Rachel recently updated Judith e Martin's page to include these images of her work.  To view Judy's new page, click here.

Thank you Rayela.  Visit the TAFA home page by clicking here.

"The fabric constructions I make combine fine art's conceptual-ism with traditional woman's craft.  Photographs, drawings, paintings, and objects are mixed with fabrics, threads, and text in order to communicate poetically.  Meditative handwork fills most of the pieces. 
Judith Martin Textile Artist monumental-simplicity-in-ge
Monumental Simplicity, plant dyed wool gauze, hand stitch, 9 feet square
Traditional quilt patterns and multi-cultural symbols concerning birth, death, and sexuality are the foundation for my artwork.  When one considers the connection that these rites of passage have to the bed, then the quilt is an obvious and powerful medium."
   -Judith Martin Textile Artist
Something More Magical Than It Ever Was   re-purposed family clothing, new silk hand quilted  90" square

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  1. Hi, Judy! I saw some traffic coming over to TAFA from here and was so pleased to see your post! I love your work and it's wonderful to see you up on our site! Thanks so much!