Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SLOW STITCH begins February 12


Interested in hand stitching?  Come to the Little Current United Church Hall on Thursday afternoons and join us as we practice the variety of stitches used in the fabrication of our meditation panels.  Instruction or review of the many improvisational and traditional techniques is where we will begin.  You will be able to take your work home if you like and if you miss a week or are not able to start just now, not to worry.   The weekly event will be organized so that everyone can work at her own pace.   1 – 4 pm every Thursday.   

Judy Martin, lead artist for the successful Manitoulin Community Circle Project, has volunteered to teach the hand stitch techniques and demonstrate her methods of design.   

EDITED July 20 2015:  Judy will not be teaching the methods on regular basis, as she is away so much for family reasons.  Slow Stitch continues however, and when Judy is able to, she will attend the meetings with pleasure and with needle in hand.  

EDITED August 6 2015:  It seems that Slow Stitch has slowed down to a stop.  Maybe it will resume in the fall.   x   

EDITED February 1 2016:  Judy Martin is not attending Slow Stitch at this time.  Thanks to everyone who came out for a year. x  

Each participant will be gently encouraged to create an original meditation panel for her own personal use.  Sponsored by the Little Current United Church, this event is open to the wider community.  It is not necessary to be a member of the church or to know anything at all about sewing. 

 Please bring a notebook or sketchbook plus pen/pencil.  You can wait until the second meeting to bring your fabrics and threads if you like.      FEBRUARY 12 2015 is the first meeting, but it is possible to start at any time.   This is a DROP-IN event and it is FREE!
Fabrics:  bring approximately one metre each of two solid colour fabrics that you believe look good together.  These can be any type – cotton, linen, silk, wool, re-cycled table linen, re-cycled clothing.  Ensure that the weights of your chosen fabrics are similar.   Threads:  bring two or three skeins of cotton embroidery floss that co-ordinate with your fabrics.  Also bring sewing thread that matches your fabric and a sewing kit (needles, scissors).

Contact Judy Martin 705 368 3819 or Julia McCutcheon 705 368 3101 for more information or email Judy at


  1. oh i DO WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too long a ewalk however ;)

    1. Hi Arlee

      it would be inspirational if you were able to come.

  2. This is amazing! I wish I could attend also.