Monday, August 06, 2018

Not To Know But To Go On - the booklet available

To order Judy Martin's booklet
Not To Know But To Go On: a poem about time
contact her through email (see profile)
and give your mailing address.
The price of the booklet is $10 plus $2 postage
(these are daughter April's ceramics)


  1. I would love to order your book but I need to wait until the 31st of Aug, is that good for you?

  2. Hello Judy, do you know, the more I look at your beautiful work, the more inspired with hope and confidence I begin to feel! and I thank you for that, truly. I live in the north of England and I don't know how I could ever see and touch your quilts or meet you in person, but I would be so glad to order your book. Also I wonder if there is any way that you would teach online? I have to admit, I am pretty cave woman with computers but this feels so very important to me. Hope to hear from you somehow...... with love and best wishes and deep admiration, Audrey Reiss

    1. Hello Audrey, please write me an email so that I can invoice you through Paypal. My email address is thanks for all that you have said here xo

    2. Bwecause I have no way of responding to you other than this blog comment. take care and I hope to hear from you soon...write me an direct email and I will then have your email address and we can go from there. Thanks x

  3. Thank you Judy, have sent you an email xx Audrey