Thursday, September 20, 2018

fibreworks 2018

earth and air judy martin (detail)
opening september 21 at 7 pm
fibreworks 2018
Cambridge Galleries
Queen's Square, Cambridge Ontario

This is a Biennial exhibition of textile artists from across Canada
Here is a list of the 2018 artists
juried by Melissa Bennett (curator of art gallery of Hamilton) and Meghan Price (Toronto artist)

Ellen Bleiwas (Toronto, ON)
Mitchell Chalifoux (Leduc, AB)
Judy Duggan-McCormack (Hamilton, ON)
Stephanie Fortin (Toronto, ON)
Tricia C Johnson (London, ON) 
Trish Johnson (Toronto, ON)
Helen Liene Dreifelds (Toronto, ON)
Fuzzy Mall (Dundas, ON)
April Martin (Toronto, ON) 
Judy Martin (Sheguiandah, ON)
Colleen McCarten (Toronto, ON)
Robin Muller (Bedford, NS)
Trudy Perks (Barrie, ON)
Elycia SFA (Toronto, ON)
Lois Schklar (Toronto, ON)
St Marie φ Walker (Kitchener, ON)
Svetlana Swinimer (Ottawa, ON)
Negar Tajgardan (Saskatoon, SK)
above - a detail of I Lived On Air, my daughter April's journal in cloth of her year of artist residencies. 
She had to move so many times, and each of the different arrangements of striped cloth represent the variety of beds she slept in during 2017.  So pleased that April and I are both in this important exhibition.  I think that is pretty exciting.

Fibreworks 2018 runs from September 15 until November 4

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