Saturday, July 04, 2009

LaCloche talk 7:30 p.m. July 3 2009.

Last spring I read Stephen King’s autobiography/ how-to book On Writing. Although he was speaking about writing, his advice applies to visual art.

“Go into your studio at a set time every day.”

Go into your studio, shut the door and do your work. Think of it as a ritual. Compare it to going to the bedroom each evening each night in order to get ready for bed. Our body and mind become accustomed to the custom of falling asleep and thus accessing the dream world.

“The rational mind relaxes and ordinary events suddenly appear beautiful or emotionally charged” (Stephen King).

When you go to the studio at a set time each day your body and mind become accustomed to accessing the awake dream world. It's easier to create artwork if you go to a place every day where the muse will know where to find you.

Also, here are truisms from recent journals.

1. Be orderly in your life. Be violently original in your work.
2. Be solitary. Read literature. Return to “otherness”. Know yourself better.
3. Try it. Try the new method or technique, the new subject, the new friend.
4. Do what you LOVE.
5. Ask "What are my concerns?" and "What do I want to do all day?"


  1. Good advice, all of it.

  2. I was meant to find this post today. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    i have just discovered your textile work, and your philosophy. Do you ever come to the lower 48 states for workshops?
    It is the inspiration I need, as I now find time to pursue my own textile art.
    I will enjoy getting to know you and your work as we evolve.
    Cassandra, a Pennsylvania shepherd