Thursday, October 04, 2012


 Starry Night  plant dyed wool, shibori process, hand stitched, 40" x 47" 2012
Included in quilts = art = quilts at the schweinfurth art centre in Auburn New York.

October 28 2012 -- January 6 2013


  1. if it wouldn't slow me down, i'd type this with one hand while holding my heart with the other . . . i love the star-filled sky for its wonkiness, and i specially love the borders/edgings in their unevenness, their unfinishedness, in their unconcernedness with such frivolity as symmetry and sameness. this one is stunning, and it's fun. it's flat-out fun.

  2. A beautiful piece of art, one of those works that make me look and wonder and dream...isn't this what art is for?

  3. Gorgeous. I see peace and balance. Congrats on your show!

  4. Judy, I saw Starry NIght at QAQ and was mesmerized, my favorite piece in the show and others felt the same. Soft, thoughtful, intimate and lush. I've admired much of your work for a while and this piece really moved me, and I know it's TRUE COLORS...very odd, second set of photos that made this blue and beige. Regards, Debbie Bein

    1. Thank you for that review, Debbie. I have not seen the exhibit and would love to. So happy that my piece is appreciated there, all out on its own.
      Re: the true colours - It is very difficult to photograph because of the subtlety in the natural plant dyes. Thanks again for your generous comment , and thank you to everyone else who took the time to do so. xx