Monday, March 31, 2014


Paradise Meditation I     2012    linen damask, acrylic paint, thread.
Part of the Tom Thomson gallery's 50th annual juried exhibition, Convergence.
(One of eighteen)
Located in Owen Sound Ontario, the exhibition opened March 30 and continues until May 25 2014.  This gallery is open seven days a week, click here for gallery hours  
Paradise Meditation was hung on a small corner wall.  (large photo collage on the right is Sky Edge by Becky Conber, apologies that I have no information about the central piece shown above)
Paradise I's beautiful subtle damask pattern went unnoticed I feel.    
Actually, both the experience of being involved with this juried exhibition and my attendance at the opening reception were disappointing. 

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  1. I had written a lengthy cranky complaint - but the power went off! It was erased.
    So I shall take that as a sign - and not complain.