Friday, November 13, 2015

slow stitch continues

Slow Stitch continues every Thursday between 1 - 4 pm at the United Church Hall in Little Current, Manitoulin Island.  Currently, there is no common project.  We are just bringing our own stitching and connecting with each other.

Judy Martin leads the group when she can.

When Judy is not able to be at Slow Stitch, one of the group opens the meeting place.

This post shows the variety in the work brought in between September and November 2015.
 Karen finished her moon piece.
 Maureen visited Scotland over the summer and purchased this plaid fabric.
Siska has several projects under way.  Above, she uses fabrics that she has woven together in combination with crochet, cheese cloth, eyelet stitch (detail)
Siska's project b is a watery table runner for her wooden canoe.
Jocelyne made a kantha from dyed fabrics over the summer
Jocelyne also has several projects.  Above is one of her pieces that uses domestic cloth.  It's hard to tell from this photo, but there are two embroideries of a tree, one of them on sheer fabric overlay.
 Jackie put quilt blocks appliqued when she was a teen together with modern fabrics.

 Sally uses silk that she has dyed with plants and prefers raw edge applique
Judy is making a small picture inspired by a 1796 Swedish folk embroidery

Join us on Thursdays if you are in the area.
The United Church Hall is on Robinson street, down town Little Current, Manitoulin Island Ontario.
Email Judy Martin if you have a question about attendance.

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