Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Perivale Gallery opens May 22

And Still maintain a Normal Life  2015 
hand stitch with cotton threads,, framed with linen   
Judith Martin

Don't Worry  2015 
hand stitch cotton threads on cotton and wool, framed with linen 
Judith Martin

Memory of Wikwemikong 2008
 dyed fabrics, layered and hand stitched quil,
 Judith Martin
Perivale Gallery opens for the season on Sunday May 22 2016
Judith Martin is displaying 5 pieces , 3 shown in this post.
The gallery is open every day during July and August (10 - 6 pm) and weekends during the months of May and June.  phone 705 377 4847 or 705 377 4874

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