Saturday, January 13, 2018

quiet zone 2 exhibition , world of threads 2016 review

Dawne Rudman, co-founder and co-curator of the World of Threads Festival in Oakville Ontario, included Lake by Judy Martin in recent review of Quiet Zone 2 from the 2016 festival.  Image by Gareth Bates co-curator above, text by Dawne, below.   

Judy Martin of Maniotulin Island Ontario, Canada, has participated in Festival 2009  Common Thread exhibit, Festival 2012: Continuum exhibit and Quiet Zone, Festival 2014  Solo Shows and Installations exhibitions and Festival 2016: Quiet Zone 2 exhibit.  

Lake is a hand stitched quilt made from re-purposed linen damask and hemp-silk dyed with indigo.

To read more about Judy Martin, take a look at our Artist Interview with her at this link.

Judy:    My practice relies on a vocabulary of archetypal shape and the resonance and repetition found in poetry and music.  I work slowly and in solitude, allowing the pieces to evolve and change through processes of destruction and re-creation.  Most importantly, the work is grounded by the phenomenological idea that the sense of touch is the most effective way to connect emotionally with others.

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