Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fragile as a Leaf in Autumn
shibori dyed linen, kuba inspired applique, north american log cabin piecework, hand embroidery

Toronto Workshop
York Heritage Quilt Guild
November 21, 2006

Narrative Traditions
Indian and Middle Eastern hand embroidery

Discover the wonderful language of symbols found in world textiles. Traditional North American quilts, as well as woven, dyed and embroidered cloths and clothing from around the world have meaning beyond the decorative. Depending on the length of the workshop, a variety of hands-on techniques are presented. These techniques are machine piecing, hand piecing, paper backed piecing, paper-backed applique, hand embroidery, shibori dye techniques and fabric painting. The workshop also includes Judy’s private collection of cloth from around the world. No sewing machine is required for most techniques. A slide lecture about traditional pattern is included. One to five days
The workshop begins with an overview of the many symbols that are used over and over around the world and what they mean to different cultures. This talk will probably take 45 minutes. (slides and my collection of fabrics). The rest of the first day will involve a hands-on technique inspired by world tradition.

Middle and Eastern Hand Embroidery
The following hand stitches are taught during this class.
a) chain stitch and its many uses and variations
b) kantha cloth imagery and the running stitch
c) mirror and sequin work

Supply list
A $10.00 kit fee provides an embroidery hoop, some fabrics, and all threads and embellishments required for the class

Participant should bring:
embroidery scissors
package of embroidery needles
12" square of black cotton
12" square of red cotton

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