Sunday, September 10, 2006

Loved as if embroidered with flowers
altered photos, fabrics, stitched

November Workshop, Toronto

Fabric and Paper Collage
York Heritage Quilt Guild
Toronto Ontario
November 20, 2006

Spend an enjoyable (packed) morning by creating beautiful and unique art papers. The afternoon will then be devoted to combining them with fabrics and thread in experimental mixed media work. Judy will offer two formats as starting points but there are no rules. This is a very satisfying way to express the creative self.

Supply List

Two pieces of foam core 20 inches x 30 inches (available at art and business supply stores such as Staples)
Straight pins

Selection of about a dozen pieces of fabric (that you love) between 4 and 12 inches square. Include at least one sheer fabric and one silk fabric in your collection. Co-ordinate these by colour. Also, please bring two half metre pieces of neutral coloured cotton or linen.

Your own extra photographs (those that did not make it into the photo albums). We will be using real photographs, not colour copies. Examples are family shots, vacation shots, landscapes, or flower garden shots. Bring a self-portrait. (We will remove or cover up any unflattering parts). Film photos work best, but printed digital photos also respond to the technique presented.

As well please do bring colour copies of your own quilts or other artwork. Include detail shots of hand work. (These can not be ink jet so please go to a copy shop and ask for colour xeroxes)

A candle and its candleholder.
An awl or a thick needle
Roll of paper towels
Two pieces of water colour paper (aprox 12 by 14 inches) or $2 to purchase from instructor.

Cloth scissors, paper scissors and small embroidery scissors
Two colours of embroidery floss and the appropriate needle

Bring a collection of hand written text that you might want to include such as a letter or some old journal pages.
Bring either a poem that you love, or the novel you are currently reading.

Sewing machine (optional)
6 colours (that you love) of machine embroidery thread such as sulky. Bring a darning foot if you have one

Digital camera if you have one

Leaves from your own back yard or neighbourhood pressed into the pages of a magazine that you like to read.

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