Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This wonderful embroidery by a grandmother from Africa is the focal point of one of Judy's quilts that will be showing at
the Perivale Gallery this season.

A percentage of the sale of this quilt will be forwarded to Stephen Lewis's Grandmother to grandmother campaign.

The Perivale Gallery opens for the season on the long weekend in May (May 16) and closes shortly after Labour Day. Judith Martin will have eight artworks in the gallery this season - several graphite and thread drawings, a framed embroidery, two watercolours and the grandmother to grandmother quilt. Other artists at the gallery this year are Ivan Wheale, Linda Finn, Ralph Engleton, and many more.

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  1. Judy I follow your blog with great enjoyment. Today it was the wax pieces that had me intrigued. Then I found this grandmother to grandmother quilt, which is really lovely. I'm doing something similar with a small piece of embroidery from Afghanistan. You can read the details here.
    I hope I can make something as good as this. Thank you for sharing.