Saturday, March 21, 2015

Wild Pure Aesthetic Wonder

beginning with time: night by Judy Martin 2015.  Re-purposed wool blankets, hand stitch, natural plant dyes, 78'x90", a two sided piece included in exhibition Wild Pure Aesthetic Wonder exhibition - opening March 21 in St. John's Newfoundland

Wild, Pure Aesthetic Wonder

Wild, Pure Aesthetic Wonder Start Date: 2015-03-21
End Date: 2015-04-25
Masks to try on, an installation to walk through and a video documenting a provocative body-loom are just a few of the pieces in this unconventional fibre show.  An exhibition co-curated by Gloria Hickey and Philippa Jones, it showcases the work of twenty-one contemporary fibre artists and offers a conduit for a deeper environmental experience.

Inspired by the unadulterated natural wonders of Gros Morne National Park, this fibre art group show is held in conjunction with the 2015 Fibre Arts conference in October 2015. After its exhibition in the Craft Council Gallery, the show will be on display during the summer in the Woody Point Discovery Centre.

Exhibitors: Margaret Angel, Kelly Bruton, Kailey Bryan, Barb Daniell, Deb Dumka, Frances Ennis & Maxine Ennis, Rosalind Ford, Susan Furneaux, Jennifer Galliott, Alexe Hanlon, Linda Hope Ponting, Rilla Marshall, Judy Martin, Sarah Minty, Rachel Ryan, Kumi Stoddart, Stephanie Stoker, Amy Todd, Jessica Waterman, Shoshana Wingate.

A unique landscape of wild, pure aesthetic wonder, Gros Morne National Park continues to resonate in the thousands of visitors it receives annually. Through the sensual and practical pleasures of craft materials, human creativity, age old skills and new technologies, artists have conveyed an enhanced experience of the Park’s natural wonders. The manipulation of fibres for pleasure, survival and cultural advancement, have directly connected humanity to nature throughout our history. 
What better way to communicate the wonders of the natural world than by exploring and extending the variety of fibre based art?
In an increasingly urbanized and technologically advanced society, wilderness may well be our most rare and precious resource.  Pristine wilderness cannot be manufactured.  Wilderness is at the heart of Gros Morne and the challenge we set to our artists was to bring the wild into the heart of their art.  From across the country they have responded with works that show wilderness in ways that are delightful, interactive, poignant, brave and seductive.
To learn more about the works first hand, we encourage you to linger in the exhibition, pick up the brochure and allow the works to enhance your experience of the park.
Co-curators, Gloria Hickey and Philippa Jones
OPENING RECEPTION: SATURDAY, MARCH 21 from 2 – 4 pm.  Craft Council Gallery, Devon House Craft Centre, 59 Duckworth Street. Artists will be present and refreshments served. Everyone is welcome. Exhibits continue until April 25.

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