Friday, October 09, 2015

Mended World exhibition is reviewed on Day In & Day Out by Karen Thiessen

Karen Thiessen of Day in Day Out Blog has written three thoughtful reviews of the exhibition of the Manitoulin Circle Project panels last May at Homer Watson House and Gallery in Kitchener Ontario.

Here is what she wrote about Earth Ark (detail shown above).
Earth Ark has a visual weight. The title and visual elements hint at the Bible story of Noah and the ark, the rainbow as a sign of hope, and the dove going out and bringing back an olive branch. To me, the brown half-circle registers as an island. Earth Ark has a pleasing asymmetry with the ark/island off to the right.

I like what Karen wrote about the community aspect of the project.  The following is quoted from the second post, and I think that it really connects to the idea of a Mended World.  (the title of one of the panels and also of the resulting exhibition.
The MCP participants were a circle of people meeting in what was most likely a square or rectangular building and they made liturgical textiles of circles within squares: the gatherings mirrored the textile designs. While working together on textiles, heads are down and hands are busy, allowing conversation interspersed with moments of silence; this is a great way for introverts and extroverts to work together.
Karen's careful looking, photographing and writing about this body of work affirms it.  Thank you Karen.    All three posts about the project can be accessed from this link.

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