Saturday, November 26, 2016

Videos from rhe Elemental Festival in Kagawong

This just in:   A video put out by the Woodland Sisters, Caitlin and Cassidy Mcauliffe.  One of their partner's made it while the duo were in Kagawong at the end of September during the 2nd annual Elemental festival.  The video follows the two girls as they enjoy the rural atmosphere of Manitoulin and the Kagawong River complete with spawning salmon and Bridal Veil Falls.  Their video is up on youtube now.  It's a minute and a half.  It is necessary to click on the words Elemental Festival after it starts to play to see the full images.

(There is a tiny glimpse of Judy speaking in the above video) x

The sisters also sent some additional footage of Judy speaking about her daily walk.  36 seconds can be viewed  here.  (this clip is not on you tube)

To read the complete text of the artist talk, go to this link.  Sewing Myself To This Place

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