Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Canadian Pioneer enters the permanent collection of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery

 Canadian Pioneer
64 inches x 48 inches
re-purposed wool blankets, wool yarns, fulled, hand stitched
Canadian Pioneer has become part of the permanent collection of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Old blankets were cut and sewn into a vertically striped cloth which was then slashed open.
The circular wound was mended (and strengthened) with blanket stitch.  Stitched into it were small squares of folded wool to represent the repeated daily chores.  Finally, the whole thing was drowned in the washing machine and transformed into something tougher as it became felted.
Offered as a metaphor for the women pioneers of Canada, this piece is perserverant, optomistic and courageous.  It is a warm flag with a large open, raw heart that communicates warmth, usefulness, bravery, and optimism.  

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