Friday, September 21, 2007

Batik class
October 20 and 21
Little Current Campus
Cambrian College
phone 705 368 3194 to register

I studied with Gasali Adeyemo, a talented Nigerian at the Surface Design Association conference in Kansas City during May 2007. Gasali used indigo dyes but I will be using Procion MX dyes in my class. A $15.00 supply fee payable to the instructor will provide all the supplies needed. Included will be cotton and silk fabric, wax, dye, raffia, threads, easy-carve block printing material and more.

Day one
Learn about the designs found in Adire cloth from Nigeria as well as other African textiles.
Make your own tool for applying wax.
Demo in how to apply the wax.
Make waxed fabric.
Learn about tie-dye around the world and in Nigeria in particular
Use raffia and beans to make tied designs
Use pleating and stitching
View Judy’s collection of African fabrics
Spend quiet time tying and stitching.

Homework: continue to tie and/or stitch

Day Two
Learn more about designs from Africa
Learn how to make blocks for printing fabric
Make blocks, and print fabric with resist
Dye yesterday’s waxed cloth
Dye those tied/stitched fabrics that are ready
Remove the wax and rinse out dyes
Dye all remaining cloth
Rinse out fabric

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